Why Tickle Your Palate?

Being French, Irish, German and Hungarian I'm genetically programmed to adore food. Served with love, a little alcohol, sugar & spice and on time!

The basis of any food must be flavor. Rustic simple flavors to delicate exquisite ones. Mashed potatoes should be as much the star of the show as the Beef Wellington.

We're all busy people and find relaxation in different ways. For me, that's cooking! So why don't you let me relieve some of your stress with the food and you can watch me relax with what I love doing - making you smile with pleasures of the palate!

I have been a Food Safety Specialist throughout my professional career, having graduated and certified in 1985 as a Canadian Public Health Inspector. I've travelled widely, been exposed to many cultures and foods and am happy to share of those stories too!